When I was in middle school, I begged my mom to buy me a graphing calculator. She wasn't sure what I would do with it, but she knew that I would use it. And I did. I was obsessed. I trained myself to be able to look at the screen, even on road trips (You would be impressed if you ever rode with my dad). I built a bunch of programs. One drew a randomly wandering line, others drew 3D equations. But within a few years I wrote a program to draw a rotating hypercube, because I was also obsessed with drawing higher dimensions.

While I am not as interested in higher dimensions as I was back then, I think this story says a lot about me. One, I like to figure things out, especially technology. I like technology. Two, I also want to be able to see the results, my rotating hypercube was in 4-point perspective. And three, I want to be working on things that are special, that transcend our everyday reality. I can't help myself.

I have also grown a lot since then. I'm a citizen, a teacher, a husband, and a father. I have a new appetite for working on projects that make our world a better place to live. I think it's possible to do that through good design, even edgy design. I've also had all sorts of new obsessions; biology, agents, design, workflows, human cognition, drawing, sculpture, painting, printmaking, animation, programming, mobile technology, and landscape architecture, to name a few.

Today, I primarily work in design, education, and technology. My roots are in the arts; drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. Starting about nine years ago, I began a new journey at OLIN, an internationally recognized landscape architecture firm. At OLIN I have been working on design solutions for projects all around the world. From 3D modeling, rendering, and furnishing design to parametric design, python development, training, and asset management, I have worked to push OLIN into the 21st Century. Moving forward, I hope to continue to evolve and to be obsessed with my work.