Animation is for Storytelling
Animation is for Storytelling
Animation is for Storytelling

The thing that becomes more and more apparent to me as I work in design, is that design is made of stories. And what better way to tell a story than through an animation?

Interim Fitzgerald Square Project

I have been chomping at the bit to make an animation like this for over a year. This was the perfect opportunity.

Vector Equilibria Part 1 - PAST

Vector Equilibria was an exciting collaboration with composer Gene Coleman and curator Sean Stoops. Gene and I wanted to honor the time that Buckminster Fuller spent in Philadelphia 40 years ago. Composed of three chapters; PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE.

Vector Equilibria Part 2 - PRESENT
Vector Equilibria Part 3 - FUTURE
Salish Sea Lab

This was an evolution from the previous projection project. As part of the Vancouver Biennale residency, Miguel Horn and I created this sculpture and custom projection to be installed semi-permanently in Squamish, BC.


JOURNEY was done in the lead-up to Vector Equilibria. I was experimenting with some new techniques, namely, using the parametric-modeling software Grasshopper to generate animations.

Regeneration Garden

An idea for Mural Arts of Philadelphia to create a sculptural park. Jane Golden said she wished she had a million dollars, so she could make it happen.


SAISON was an earlier foray into all sorts of strange 3D techniques. I was using Blender, an awesome 3D, do-it-all, open-source-software program.